Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hatyai, Thailand Trip Day 1 part 1

Vacation is over, I'm back to UUM, back to reality :/ It's so hard to say good bye to Hatyai although I've been there so many times. Browsing through the pics taken in Hatyai made me feel so unreal because holidays are over already.  It's like I just blogged about how excited I was for my Thailand trip and now I'm back. *Slapping my face to keep my minds back to reality* 
Urghh! Feel so sad to know that holidays are over! 

Okay, back to the objective! Today I'm going to blog about my 3days and 2 nights vacation in Hatyai.
Studying in UUM is an advantage for me, why do I say so? because, My university is so near to Thailand. 
yippi! Thus, my friends and I decided to go to Hatyai for relaxing. This time, I got to show u all how the flooding market looks like. 

So here's a few pics where we are going to flooding market to find something to fill up our stomach. We didn't take much photo because is was too HOT out there.LOLLLLLLLLL. 

As you see, this is a flooding market. It took 20 minutes by tuk-tuk to get here from Lee Gardens
 (The center of Hatyai city).

The Flooding Market, ughh it is so Hot out here! but I still want to take some picture as a memory. 

  • tasting the famous "Mango Rice". It is delicious. 
  • The "Mango rice" that added some sweet milk.

  • The decorated Bamboo that fill with coconut
  • The Tom yam Noodles
  • Some fruits favor jelly

 To be honest,  I have nothing much to blog about Hatyai because what we did was just eat and shopping , and eat again. So, I just stop it here first. There will be some night life in Hatyai that I'm going to introduce to u all...stay tune :D